Serving CT, NY, MA, MD, NJ, DE, PA, RI, VT, NH, & ME!

BEI ‘s experience in call logging and voice recording is unmatched, with service provided to all of New England, Eastern New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Southern Pennsylvania, Western Massachusetts, Northern Maryland, Deleware.

We offer a full line of call logging and voice recording solutions for all major markets including Police Departments, Fire Departments, Ambulance Companies, Alarm Monitoring Centers, Campus Security, Insurance & Financial Institutions and many more!

Over the past few years we have seen the demand for call logging and voice recording for Incident Reconstruction, Quality Assessment, Screen Recording, Workforce Optimization and Speech Analytics. We have been able to implement, manage and service these programs throughout New York, all of New England (NY, CT, MA, NJ, DE, RI, Northern MD & Southern PA).

BEI provides solutions from Verint and NICE Systems, which are the top two tier1 call recording manufactures in the market place giving us the products that we need to provide a full line of voice recording technology platforms that go beyond basic call logging.

The capturing of various media types through our logging and recording systems now allows for accurate information that will provide insight to what your customers and agents are saying and the ability to reconstruct incidents and share multi media file types with ease.

The now affordable Speech Analytics call logging and voice recording technology can recognize trends in your contact center or answering points, which gives you quick access to this information and the ability to react quickly before it’s too late. Customer and Citizen Survey’s provide the pulse of the caller and allow you to react to the situation with out delay.

Quality Assessment and eLearning allow you to score agents or call takers and share training and policy content within your organization to assure that all staff is providing the proper information and common message for your agency or company. Call logging and voice recording procedures such as this allow your business to provide valuable training and to constantly improve.

BEI provides seamless integration with the Major PBX, CAD, Radio and Call Management systems which will provide additional functionality of the voice recording platform and allow for better search and replay of capture voice and data. Our certified technicians will ensure a quality call logging and voice recording platform for your New York, all of New England NY, CT, MA, NJ, DE, RI, Northern MD & Southern PA business.

Solutions and Experience working with industry leading Telephony & Radio providers including:





NICE Systems provides the tools that help public safety and emergency services track and analyze interactions and events that require their intervention, whether operating in traditional telephony or VoIP environments…

Verint’s Recording for Public Safety is an advanced multi-media public safety recording and quality assurance system. It can function as a stand-alone recorder/playback unit, or as a specialized server within a networked environment.