VERINT’s MEDIA RECORDER for Contact Centers

Verint Media Recorder for Contact Centers, provides a high performance platform for the multimedia recording, evaluation, and archiving of calls. The Verint Media Recorder allows contact center recording to be performed on an on-demand, pre-scheduled, or criteria-driven basis. Its search and retrieval functions enable call centers to quickly and easily uncover opportunities to improve customer service, expedite dispute resolution, and reduce liability.

Verint Media Recorder for Contact Centers can be configured in a variety of ways in order to best suit your call center recording needs. From a single recorder/playback unit to multiple, networked recording servers spanning multiple sites and the Verint Media Recorder offers flexible solutions customized for your unique situation.

The Verint Media Recorder is built utilizing an open architecture. It uses standard PC components, the Microsoft Windows platform, and the Microsoft SQL database, in order to promote compatibility with other systems.

Verint Media Recorder Features

Screens and data can be captured from many different sources, including digital, analog, and IP telephones; PBXs, ACDs, and dialer systems; text/SMS; email; and Web chat.
Search and Playback
Client and browser playback options are available, both of which include advanced search and audio log playback capabilities.
Remote Operation
Call playbacks, the scheduling of recordings, and even the management and configuration of the system can all easily be handled remotely.
Storage and Archiving: A wide range of storage options are available, including Blu-Ray media, redundant hard drives, automatic archiving to DVD-RAM or to Media Recorder’s “Virtual Media” format, as well as support for NAS, SAN, and EMC Centera. Users can also choose between serial, parallel, or selective DVD-RAM archiving modes.

Optional Features

Quality Monitoring
With the Verint Media Recorder’s optional Interaction Quality software, contact center supervisors can evaluate agent performance using the recorded data. This browser-based software also allows them to build new scoring forms and access a variety of quality management reports from their desktop.
Encryption Management
In order to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Audiolog uses AES-256 encryption to protect all audio and screen data as it is being recorded, while it is in transit, and after it is archived.
Advanced Desktop Analytics
Because of the Verint Media Recorder has the ability to create customized, criteria-driven recordings, it can be configured to automatically pause recording to avoid sensitive data, such as the CVV2 code, in contact centers needing to comply with the PCI DSS.
If you’re ready to learn more about how the Verint Media Recorder can benefit your contact center and improve overall center operations, please contact BEI for more details!

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