NICE provides a range of products for managing contact centers and driving business performance across the enterprise.

NICE SmartCenter™

The NICE SmartCenter provides a totally new approach to contact center management: a set of advanced capabilities, unified within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based framework, and implemented using a field-proven, structured methodology.

The NICE SmartCenter components include:

NICE Perform® for compliance recording and capturing multimedia interactions, analyzing their content to gain insights and presenting these insights in a manner which facilitates efficient decision-making. The power of NICE Perform® lies in the unique synergy between its advanced technology components, including recording and audio analysis, and integration with Microsoft .NET client-server technology.

Nice Perform eXpress is a cost effective, easy-to-install regulatory compliance call recording solution designed to address the unique requirements of small and medium-sized sites, including smaller contact centers, back offices, and trading floors, as well as branch environments.

Interaction Analytics offers companies the means to obtain multi-dimensional business insight to improve operational efficiency, increase customer loyalty and retention, and improve marketing and sales effectiveness. NICE also offers specialized Interaction Analytics Business Packages for First Call Resolution, Average Handle Time Reduction, Churn Reduction and Customer Satisfaction.

IEX® TotalView® Workforce Management provides a centralized platform for optimizing contact center performance, helping the center forecast and plan more accurately and schedule more effectively. It supplies real-time information to better manage the performance of people and operations.

Performance Management solution combines a flexible performance management platform and a suite of performance software along with deep call center performance management knowledge. It provides the tools to drive employee performance, automate evaluation processes, enable better employee development, and help recruit the best performing employees.

Customer Feedback™, an IVR Survey system that incorporates post-call IVR surveys and links the results with the actual call recordings.

Targeted Training Tools
Agent Coaching solutions provide contact center agents with the feedback they require concerning how well they are performing their tasks, where and how they can improve, and what’s new in the contact center.

Tools for Recording Multimedia Insights MyUniverse® captures voice, email, chat, and screen activity along with essential call details in a range of environments, including VoIP.

ScreenSense™, which lets agents and supervisors record customer interactions based entirely on what takes place on the agent’s desktop.

NiceLog® is a family of loggers (NiceLog Loggers store voice recordings, NiceScreen Loggers store recorded screens). NiceLog is available for a range of environments, including Voip.

NiceLog High Density Logger™ utilizes a new PCI-based architecture for a future-proof, digital, multimedia recording platform with expanded capacity and a wide range of scalable recording solutions.

NICE VoIP Logger provides recording for virtually every type of VoIP telephony environment and is fully integrated with NICE’s Enterprise Interaction Solutions, including NICE Perform.

NiceCall Focus III is a single-box, full-featured, voice-recording solution utilizing advanced PCI technology and designed to meet the needs of small to medium organizations.

Mirra® IV is an audio recording solution specifically designed for small and medium-sized operations in the public safety, transit, financial and call center sectors. Mirra IV combines the latest technology and robust features into a single-box communication recording solution that offers low total cost of ownership and is easy to install, use and maintain. Mirra IV can capture as few as 4 or as many as 48 channels of mixed analog, digital, telephony or radio communications, and is designed with investment protection in mind, incorporating NICE leading-edge technology with a robust and secure Linux operating system.

Storage Resource Tools
NICE Storage Center archives activities captured in the contact center, trading floor or public safety environments, while leveraging existing storage investments and protecting organizational assets.

NICE Perform

NICE Perform eXpress