NICE believes that organizations should dedicate their efforts to their core activities. That’s why NICE Perform is designed to simplify and enhance operations. With a range of sophisticated yet easy to use tools and applications, NICE Perform gets the right information to the right people in the organization at the right time, creating insights that can be used to improve overall business management.

Organizations around the world undertake many thousands of interactions (phone calls, emails, and more) every day. These interactions often contain unrecognized insights which are critical for the enterprise or for specific departments, such as marketing, sales, legal, finance, operations, customer care and contact centers.

NICE Perform offers organizations a powerful strategic solution that can improve customer retention and solve many other business issues. The system’s ability to analyze all aspects of interactions means that it can effectively:

  • Flag calls from customers “at risk”
  • Help in analyzing campaigns effectiveness
  • Identify inefficiencies in the contact center operation
  • Enable the organization to take proactive measures to improve overall performance
  • …and much more.

NICE Perform includes a complete set of Web-based tools to extract, process, analyze and effectively visualize information from customer interactions on a large scale. The information gathered through:

  • Sophisticated mining rules
  • Analysis engines
  • Call flow events
  • Agent screen-activity
  • Customer surveys

Together, these resources provide the insights which until now have been unavailable from recorded interactions.

NICE Perform Technology
The power of NICE Perform lies in the unique synergy between NICE’s advanced technology components.

  • NICE Perform can capture and store all calls as required, and the unique NICE technology stores digitalized voice recording in a highly efficient manner, making rapid identification and retrieval simple and inexpensive.
  • NICE Perform is fully integrated with Microsoft .NET client-server technology, reducing overheads, improving response time and easing the installation of updates and new versions.
  • NICE Perform’s audio analysis capabilities are the most advanced and accurate available, allowing word spotting, emotion detection, and voice analysis.
  • NICE Perform works in traditional, hybrid and VoIP environments.
  • The aggregation of the various tools and technologies included in NICE Perform allow users to find and utilize the insights hidden in the enterprise’s unstructured data.