NICE Inform – Next Gener​atio​n R​ecording and Incident Intelligence​​

Improve the Performance of and Future-Proof Your Operations

Next Generation 911, Text-to-911, Public Safety LTE, increasing citizen needs and expectations as well as new Quality Assurance standards are all dramatically changing the Public Safety communications landscape. That’s why NICE is reinventing recording – to help you improve your PSAP operations today while also preparing for what’s on the horizon.

The revolutionary new NICE Inform captures and analyzes ALL of your communications to put recording to work for you. Powered by CAD Incident Analytics, NICE Inform lets you use CAD data to instantly find all 911, radio and text calls associated with incidents for investigations and to perform Quality Assurance (QA) evaluations in half the time. Say goodbye to waiting days or weeks for manual reports and make smarter decisions faster using Inform Elite’s Incident Intelligence Dashboards. See your performance metrics and identify issues earlier, so you can meet your performance targets and improve your emergency response.

NICE Inform Application Suite

NICE Inform is a suite of modular applications for incident information management that can run over traditional and IP-based networks. It records multimedia interactions between the public, emergency centers and first responders. All captured incident information is then synchronized and put it into context to help you improve investigations, policy compliance and employee performance.

Audio, Screen & Text-to-911 Recording

CAD Incident Analytics Integration

Multimedia Incident Reconstruction

Quality Assurance

Incident Intelligence Dashboards & Reporting

Real-Time Decision Support