The Power to Improve Everything about the Customer Experience

The Verint Witness Actionable Solutions portfolio of solutions for contact centers includes Impact 360 Workforce Optimization, Impact 360 Express, and Audiolog.

The Verint Witness Actionable Solutions portfolio of solutions can enhance visibility across the customer service delivery chain and help align your people, processes, and technology with service expectations and organizational goals.

Impact 360 – Enterprise Workforce Optimization
Impact 360 Workforce Optimization captures information on workforce performance, customer interactions, customer service processes, and customer loyalty to help your call center or multimedia contact center change processes, adjust staffing, and make other decisions that may impact the cost and quality of the customer experience.

Designed for multi-site, multimedia contact centers, Impact 360 Workforce Optimization combines software and services into a unified solution that includes:

  • Quality Monitoring
  • Recording
  • Speech Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Workforce Management
  • Performance Management
  • eLearning
  • Coaching
  • Customer Surveys
  • Application Analysis
  • Add-On Options
  • Best-practices consulting

By combining information from different functions and sources within your contact center and back-office operations — and presenting it in clear, concise reports — Impact 360 Workforce Optimization can help you drill down quickly from “what” to “why” for faster, enhanced decision-making.

Impact 360 Express – Workforce Optimization for Small and Mid-sized Contact Centers
Impact 360 Express provides workforce optimization for smaller contact centers. This practical solution helps contact centers capture and analyze customer interactions, improve workforce productivity, agent performance, and customer satisfaction. To provide flexibility for your contact center needs, the solution is available exclusively from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions channel partners, in packages that provide different levels of functionality:

  • Impact 360 Express Workforce Optimization provides a workforce performance and productivity solution that includes recording, quality monitoring (with voice and screen capture and real-time monitoring), forecasting and scheduling, adherence monitoring, Content Producer, and Course Assigner.
  • Impact 360 Express Quality Monitoring includes recording, quality monitoring (with voice and screen capture and real-time monitoring), Content Producer, and Course Assigner.
  • Impact 360 Express Workforce Management includes forecasting and scheduling and adherence monitoring.

Impact 360 Express is designed to accommodate traditional time-division multiplex (TDM), Internet protocol (IP), and mixed telephony environments. The solution is fully scalable, so you can select just those capabilities that you require today and add functionality as your operations grow.

Audiolog – Interaction Recording for Smaller Centers

Audiolog is a powerful call recording, evaluation, and archiving solution designed to facilitate compliance, reduce risk, increase process efficiencies, and enhance the performance of smaller contact centers.

Audiolog offers highly reliable full-time, on-demand, scheduled, and criteria-driven recording. Rapid access to customer recordings expedites dispute resolution and helps reduce liability and risk. Remote live monitoring and playback let supervisors and managers keep track of contact center activity from their desktop PCs. Built on thousands of successful implementations, Audiolog helps contact centers optimize quality of service and improve operational effectiveness.