Verint Media Recorder™ (formerly Audiolog) Insight Center

Media Recorder™ Insight Center from Verint® Systems is a state-of-the-art, browser-based incident re-creation application designed to help emergency response and public safety organizations meet missioncritical needs, including those arising from Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1).

With Verint’s Media Recorder Insight Center, you can categorize information using color, incident grouping, custom data fields,
and more — helping you access data quickly for incident management and reconstruction.

Powerful Functionality for Public Safety Agencies

Media Recorders, Insight Center offers a wide range of benefits designed to meet the evolving needs of public safety agencies, including:

Browser-Based Interface
With Media Recorder Insight Center, you don’t need dedicated PCs for specific tasks. Staff can access the recorder right from their Windows-based workstations, using a simple, intuitive interface.

Color-Coded Organization
During incidents and investigations, every second counts. To help you identify recordings quickly, Media Recorder Insight Center can flag and mark data with colors and notes that can be adjusted to fit the needs of your organization

Incident Organization and Reconstruction
With Media Recorder Insight Center, you can group recordings into “incidents” — easy-to-manage collections of data that can be stored and recalled quickly when needed. This can be particularly helpful for expediting the reconstruction of complex events, especially those involving information captured across multiple media.

Multimedia Support
Media Recorder Insight Center is i3-ready — a significant benefit as your agency transitions to NG9-1-1. You can capture audio communications as well as log and view events across a range of media, including photos, video, email, and more.

Media Recorder Insight Center includes powerful tools for redacting (masking) sensitive pieces of audio without affecting the original recordings. This can enable your agency to maintain compliance with federal, state, and local laws while quickly fulfilling requests for information.

Flexible Deployment
Options To meet the needs of communications centers of all sizes, Media Recorder Insight Center can be deployed on a single server, standalone server, or virtualized servers

Evidence Management
Managing new and different types of information can be a challenge for public safety agencies. Media Recorder Insight Center offers a robust repository for collecting, managing, and recalling information, with authentication, audit trails, alerts, and other security features to help maintain the integrity of evidence.