Body worn solutions from Axis

Deter and protect – gather the evidence you need.

Body worn solutions

Body worn solutions from Axis capture valuable evidence. And they’re an effective way to deter bad behavior and positively influence the actions of camera wearers and the public alike.

Solutions that work with yours

You can plug Axis body worn solutions right into an Axis video management system (VMS) or use your own preferred system.  You can store video in the cloud or onsite. Either way you’ll do a better-than-ever job of deterring and protecting, and of gathering documentation and forensic evidence.  And of course, Axis body worn solutions give you superior image quality and video that holds up in court.

The evidence you need

Axis body worn cameras document actions and capture evidence. They record incidents as they appeared to the camera wearer, and as they sounded to all involved. They deliver recordings with sharp audio and video that you can use in internal investigations and in court.

For training and documentation

Footage from Axis body worn cameras is a useful tool for teaching personnel how to respond to situations they’re likely to encounter. For example, you can analyze footage of an incident. Or use portions of an encounter as the basis for testing how students would respond to a similar set of circumstances before revealing the real outcome.

Deter bad behavior

Body worn cameras affect the behavior of both camera wearers and the public. Awareness of being recorded seems to make people feel there’s a “digital witness” to their actions. So citizens are less likely to behave badly, and officials are more likely to stay cool and comply with regulations. This reduces the number of complaints and incidents.

Create a sense of safety

Axis body worn cameras can also make wearers and the public feel safer. Officials approach their jobs with more confidence and citizens feel less threatened, so both are thus less likely to take actions they may later regret.

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