Consider this before trusting your Body Camera system for Interview Room Recording…

Body worn solutions

Body worn solutions are built for mobile recording and primarily provide the Public Safety market with video recordings of officers interactions while on duty.

The Audio & Video is capture on the Body Camera and Store on the device or some may Stream to a hosted cloud storage location.

Body Camera video, does a great job of providing video in the field, but to retrofit body camera system to act as a Interview Room Recording system, leaves you scrambling for many of the features that are part of the standard iRecord solution.

Hosted storage can be very expensive and add to the annual costs that each town/city would need to budget for on an annually.  This potentially will add to the already high cost of the in car video storage capacity already becoming a large annual expense.

The evidence you need it…

iRecord, was develop from the ground up by Detective for Detectives and includes all the feature, functionality that will assist in getting the Interview as quickly as possible and securely storing them on the iRecord Evidence Vault.

  • Search by customizable “Meta Data” (i.e.: Case number, Suspect Name, Victims Name, Detective Name, Officer Name etc.)
  • Chain of Evidence Audit Reporting
  • High Definition Recordings
  • Redundant Recording Built in, to avoid loss of Interview
  • Mobile Recording Solution to Central Evidence Vault
  • Import Body Cam or In Car Video to Evidence Vault (provides single place to access all video’s
  • Premise or Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Integration with Multiple Digital Evidence Management providers