Having the right interview recording equipment is just one piece of the puzzle.

Agencies that are ready to improve their process from every angle also need a robust cloud solution for their digital evidence. Now, you can pair iRecord’s innovative software with a streamlined cloud storage solution.

Cloud Storage for Interview Evidence

Making the switch to digital storage and cloud solutions helps agencies speed up their process and better ensure that all of their evidence is safe. Plus, the cloud lets you all but eliminate the chance of losing an interview recording.

  • Lowers Risk with Redundant Storage
  • Remote Access to a Secure Online Portal
  • Faster to Share / Review Digital Evidence
  • Reduce Travel and Public Contact
  • Better Organization for Every Case

What’s more, the secure online portal removes “physical contact” of sharing USB drives and other evidence. You no longer need to rely on a courier to share your interview recordings, and agencies can feel better knowing that they can work remotely. Cloud storage is essentially the missing link to your modern interview recording process!

How iRecord Cloud Storage Works

With this modern cloud solution, you don’t need to copy files to a USB drive for evidence sharing. Investigators and prosecutors can access the video recordings anywhere with their secure login and internet access.Your iRecord software and this new cloud storage solution can simplify the entire process of managing your digital evidence. Our secure cloud-based system allows you to analyze interview evidence remotely through an online portal. That way, you can review the recording, add notes, make redactions, and safely share files with approved parties—all from one platform, anywhere you’re working.

Streamline Evidence Sharing

Our cloud storage solution gives agencies, prosecutors, and investigators the intuitive tool they’ve been looking for to share evidence and keep their process on-track. Using a secure online portal for reviewing evidence means you don’t need to download or make physical copies of their digital data. Everything is permanently, securely saved in the cloud.


Teams today appreciate the option of being able to work on-the-go. With cloud storage, you’re still able to access your case evidence even if you aren’t able to make it into the office. These remote login capabilities also reduce the risk of virus spread, since there’s no need to physically share digital evidence on a USB drive when you can access it securely online.

Modernize Your Investigations

Cloud storage helps agencies save valuable time and expedite the investigation. By eliminating the manual process of copying and sharing files, investigators can finally move the case along at a faster pace. Instead of waiting on the extensive back-and-forth of evidence review, parties can simply log in to the portal whenever they need to check on a case

Digital interview evidence recordings have long needed a better solution for review, storage, and sharing. That’s exactly what iRecord’s cloud storage solution delivers. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help modernize your agency’s process.

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