BEI has been engineering and implementing Call and Radio Recording systems for over 43 years and we continually work to understand the challenges faced by emergency communicators in Public Safety Centers.

Because we want to offer you the best solutions possible, BEI chooses to provide the best Tier 1 offering available in the industry today.

Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) require staff members who are quick-thinking, flexible and capable as they answer emergency calls. After all, they must operate at peak efficiency in an environment where life and death decisions are a daily occurrence. The Call & Radio Recording software they use must be equally flexible, intuitive and capable.

The Verint Recording product line starts with call recording phone and radio traffic, but doesn’t end there. This efficient Call and Radio Recording software provides:

  • Instantaneous playback of calls (even calls currently in progress)
  • Incident reconstruction and packaging of all related recordings into a single file
  • Ability to search for recordings using ANI/ALI information
  • Capture dispatcher screens that may include SMS messages, emailed video or photos of accidents


For many years, Verint Recording has been the industry standard solution for Call & Radio Recording. Verint Recording is quickly becoming the leader for efficiently managing NG9-1-1 demands. Thousands of PSAPs count on Verint’s Verint Recording to keep them up to speed with the new Insight Center, a powerful, browser-based player that enables emergency communicators to:

  • Playback multiple sequenced and/or simultaneous recordings, regardless of the channel on which they were recorded.
  • Reconstruct incidents by listening to a series of recordings in their entirety, even if they overlap.
  • Configure a spoken date/time stamp at the beginning and end of the selected sequence of recordings to simplify transcription.
  • Play selected recordings in chronological order with the option to either maintain or skip any silent periods.
  • Package recordings in a single file with built-in playback software for easy, electronic delivery to news outlets, attorneys and other interested parties. Packages can also contain related files from other sources, such as video clips, still photos, and more.
  • Verint Recording is also designed to address NG9-1-1 requirements for dispatcher training and public accountability. Tools like Verint’s Dispatcher Assessment, eLearning, and Coaching to improve staff performance and increase retention.

NICE "Inform" Incident Reconstruction Recording Software

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Verint Incident Reconstruction

Verint Incident Reconstruction Recording SolutionVerint’s Recording for Public Safety is an advanced multi-media public safety recording and quality assurance system. It can function as a stand-alone recorder/playback unit, or as a specialized server within a networked environment.