Since 1976, BEI Holdings, Inc. (DBA: Business Electronics) “BEI” has been a full service customer driven result oriented company, providing cutting-edge digital video and audio recording systems. Our solution advisor will provide you with the most reliable Call Recording, Interview Room Recorder, Intrusion detection, Access Control & Video Surveillance products & services available today.
BEI’s advanced product portfolio that provides Recording & Business Security Solutions are used in Public Safety, Contact Centers and a multitude of others markets. BEI’s expertise is unmatched in New England and as we specializes in providing in, Work Force Optimization, VoIP Recording, Quality Assurance, Access Control, Interview Room Recording & Intrusion Detection products.

As BEI continues to evolve to assist in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of call center management, by providing the agent monitoring, recording & reporting tools need to manage you center. Additionally, as regulatory standards continue to evolve, all of our Public Safety offerings are designed to comply with Next Gen 9-1-1 and with our consultative approach, we continue to help businesses & agencies like yours to increase efficiency, better manage costs, and implement forward thinking strategies with their office communication & security processes and provide the tools needed that will have a positive impact to your bottom line.

Our award winning experienced staff is ready to assist you with all phases of planning, design, installation and maintenance of our solutions, which will ensure proper installation, ongoing support and maintenance of your investment.  We have certified technicians on staff serving a territory that spans from Maine to Maryland.  (CT, NY, MA, NJ, DE, PA, MD, RI &, VT,ME, NH) to ensure that your Recording or Business Security system needs are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Find out why customers who do business with Business Electronics, become customers for life.

The Evolution of BEI…

Established in 1976, providing Commercial Answering Machines and Call Diverters

1979-Call Sequencers and Digital Voice Announcers

1981-Automated Call Distributors

1983-Automated Attendant and Stand-Alone Voice Mail

1986-Electronic Key Telephone Systems

1993-VHS and Digital Voice Loggers and Digital Hybrid Telephone Systems

1995-(CTI)Computer Telephony Intergration and (IVR)Integrated Voice Response

2000-Internet Telephony, Wireless Telephone Systems and Integrated Telephone Video

2002-Multi Networked Telephone Systems and Call Center and Quality Management Applications

2007 Digital Video Recording & Workforce Optimization Solutions

2010 Digital Interview Room Recording & Business Security Solutions

2015 Name & Ownership change – BEI Holdings, Inc. (DBA: Business Electronics)

2016 Expanded Territory (NJ, DE, PA & MD) & Customer Base by Aquiring Collins Business Systems “Recorder” Customer Base (July)

2016 Expanded Territory (MA, RI & NH) & Customer Base by Aquiring Dictronics, Inc. “Recorder” Customer Base (Sept)